Face Mask Free Knitting Pattern

by Yogini Patel


Maker on a mission? So glad you stopped by! We created this DIY face mask pattern to support our community in their efforts to help slow the pandemic in a sustainable, Wool and the Gang way – want to join?

Cute and quick to stitch, this homemade face covering is the out-and-about essential you’ll actually enjoy wearing. Download the free pattern to knit your own using our comfortably breathable Shiny Happy Cotton. This reusable mask is kind to the environment, hand-washable, and we have included lining instructions for extra multi-layer protection.

The important stuff:


We’re all about the power of crafts, but please remember these masks are not a replacement for medical grade PPE, social distancing, or regularly washing your hands.

Be sure to check government advice wherever you are in the world. The UK & CDC guidelines state that multiple layers of natural, tightly woven fabrics (like 100% cotton or linen) are the most effective for air filtration. In order to meet these guidelines, you would need to line your crafty creation. We suggest lining yours with high thread count pillowcases or cotton t-shirts!

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