Innocent X WATG Teeny Tiny Zion Lion Pom Free Knitting Pattern

by Julia

Innocent x WATG Teeny Tiny Zion Lion Pom Free Pattern


We’re big fans of Innocent here at Wool and the Gang – their smoothies really are berry good! So when we were able to get involved with their wonderful Big Knit campaign, we jumped at the chance. 

Since 2003, Innocent has raised over £1.9 million for Age UK, a charity aimed to keep the elderly warm and well over the winter months. Their idea was simple: for every bottle sold with a little knit hat, Innocent donated 25p to the charity. With as many as 25,000 lives at risk because of the cold in the UK alone, these little wooly accessories have gone a long way in helping the cause!

We wanted to help, and since our Zion Lion Pom Hat has been a fan favourite during the chilly months, we decided to create a teeny tiny version! Not only have we done a knit along video, the pattern is perfect for beginners so anyone can stitch this hat up, no problem. Plus these hats are truly itty bitty and take no time at all to knit, so you could really make LOADS.

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