15 Problems Only Crafters Understand

by Anna Veglio White

Although the wonderful world of crafting is often a place where most of us relax and unwind, there can be times when the stitch life gets the better of you. We’ve put together a list of a few annoying things that only makers will understand…..

Number 1.

Running out of yarn halfway through a row

Number 2.

Taking a break to sip your tea and when you look back your crochet hook has mysteriously disappeared into thin air

Number 3.

Realising you made a mistake at row 3 when you’re about to cast off…

Number 4.

Looking away for one second and when you look back your yarn is inexplicably tangled into a million knots

Number 5.

When you’re making a giant, multi-coloured fair isle and you didn’t do your ends as you go…

Number 6.

When you get over confident and don’t do a tension swatch, then run out of yarn before you finish the project….

Number 7.

Accidentally staying up all night working on a project because you kept telling yourself one more row…

Number 8.

Cancelling plans yet again to stay in and craft…

Number 9.

Your friend asking you to knit them a black sweater….

Number 10.

Losing your stitch marker

Number 11.

When someone comes over for a chat but you have to be rude because you’re counting stitches

Number 12.

Accidentally increasing a stitch at some point then having to launch a full blown investigation to find out where it came from…

Number 13.

Having to rewatch the same series 3 times because you started watching it at the beginning of a blanket project….

Number 14.

When you’re doing a long tail cast on but you don’t make your tail long enough so you have to start again

Number 15.

When the person you’re making a sweater for walks in and you try and act natural but fail…..

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