How To Make Chain Stitch

by Julia
How to make chain stitch
Embroidery using this stitch is an easy and eye-catching way of customising your knits.

We show you how to embellish your knits with chain stitch in our quick and easy tutorial. All you need is some left-over yarn and a chunky knitter’s sewing needle – we’ve used our Crazy Sexy Wool in Lipstick Red and Ivory White.

1. Thread your needle with a length of yarn, about 50 cm/20” long. Fasten your yarn on the wrong side of the knitted piece. Bring the needle out through the fabric in the place where you want to make the first stitch.

How to make chain stitch

2. Pull on the yarn until it has all been pulled through to the right side.

Personalise your knits with chain stitch

3. Insert the needle in the same spot where you just brought it out to the right side. The working yarn should be looped/trapped under the point of the needle.

Customisation made easy with chain stitch

4. Pull needle and yarn through to the right side again, and tug gently until the new loop tightens up.

Chain stitch is an easy way to personalise your knits

5. The chain stitch has now formed.

Learn how to chain stitch with our step by step guide

Now repeat steps 2 to 5 to continue embroidering to create your letter.

Learn how to add chain stitch to your knits with Wool and the Gang

Give it a whizz and make your statement for winter!

Chain stitch is a great statement stitch for customisation

Here’s our range of sweater knitting kits, perfect for customising with chain stitch.


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