by Anna Veglio White

This summer we launched ‘Buddy Hemp’, our organic cotton and hemp magic mix for all your summer stitches. In our eyes, hemp is the superhero of all fibres. Find out why we think our new yarn is the super seed to stitch with:

  • It actually improves soil health, leaving the ground in a better state than when it was planted


  • It doesn’t need any nasty pesticides


  • Hemp uses a lot less water than other crops, it doesn’t take much to quench this plant’s thirst!


  • It grows super fast, making it easier to sustain than other fibres


  • It doesn’t need much space to grow, making room for other plant friends


  • It’s very durable and strong, meaning garments made out of Hemp will be hanging’ around for a while


  • It’s not just great for yarn, Hemp can also be used for everything from building materials to milk and paper


Ready to start your love affair with hemp? Great! To make sure it’s a lasting relationship, make sure to hand wash your garments in cold water and dry flat.

Shop Buddy Hemp here.

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